Entreterres - Educational guide on migration in the Mediterranean

ENTRE TERRES is an educational guide on migrations in the Mediterranean. The aim of this material is to provide tools for educational institutions, schools and institutes to address the issue of refugees with young people and children, from a perspective of peacebuilding and social transformation. The name of the resource seeks to rescue the etymological meaning of the word mediterranean (mediterraneus) and a vision of the old Mare Nostrum as a space for exchange, communication and meeting.


Mare Mortum

Journeys of dreams and nightmares

The Mediterranean, the erstwhile Mare Nostrum, the sea that shapes our towns, landscapes and memories, has become in recent years one of the most violent borders in the world, and a mass grave. + INFO

Human rights

No one is illegal

The year 2015 saw the highest figures of displacement in Europe since the Second World War. One of the main triggers was the devastating war in Syria. + INFO


Racism, a form of inequality

Racism is the discriminatory classification of people into groups on the basis of skin colour and/or country of origin. + INFO

Gender and LGBTQI+

Silenced identities

When discussing refugees and asylum seekers, one thinks of people fleeing countries at war or under extreme dictatorships. + INFO

Social change

International cooperation and global inequality

The current economic system undermines human rights, dismantles public services, prevents peripheral countries from developing, destroys the environment, and inevitably prioritizes capital over people. + INFO